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Finding your fit

By Emily Thomas


Yoga, pilates, spin, zumba, fitness show prep, lifting, crossfit, bootcamps, swimming, biking, running…. I could go on and on.


I have spent time doing combinations of many programs for exercise looking to find the best one. I found the answer! Options are endless as to how you can get fit, but the best option comes down to the one that will get you moving and make you happy doing it.


Women often downplay thier needs for the needs of others. We allow ourselves to believe that we are not worth time to build ourselves up. We tell ourselves many untruths about the way we look and allow ourselves to believe that we are not made to be strong. Many tell themselves untruths about not having control over the way we feel about ourselves. The truth is though, many of our insecurities would be squashed if we spent even a little of each day focusing to better ourselves.  


Women are made to be strong and fearless. We are capable of so much more than we ever give ourselves credit for. The best way to see exactly how strong you are is to push yourself to your limit and watch as you achieve what you never thought possible. This is how I found my love for movement.


When I started consistently working out everyday, I had to step away from my insecurities. I had to humble myself to do things that scared me. I walked into the gym day after day to push towards goals that I did not know if I could accomplish. I ask questions that made me feel silly; I struggled; I failed; and I made progress. I started feeling unstoppable and my motto soon became, “I can do anything.”


It is through making a commitment to myself that I will not only be healthy now but always; I will not be healthy for me but for my family. That if I can do it, I can encourage those around me so that they will know this feeling that I am explaining. This feeling of being unstoppable; capable; strong; fearless.


Movement is more than getting skinny, it is more than a chore that needs to be checked off your to-do list. Movement frees you from the stresses of the day and allows you see your potential. It’s about finding the movement that allows you to feel this way and bring those in your life with you on your journey. Find your fit, feel unstoppable.



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