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I believe this magazine will be able to touch woman’s lives no matter the age or what stage of life they are currently in. 

When hope is given to those who need it before they reach the depths of despair, that many do before realizing they have everything needed to achieve the inner peace and happiness that is waiting for them to reach out and grab it, I feel more lives could be saved from further anguish and struggles.

These struggles can be avoided if the first door that opens is taken instead of the fourth due to the person simply not being open to possibilities. If someone is willing to give their story, the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of it to a complete stranger who is possibly going through the exact same thing or something very similar, it provides the hope that you aren’t alone.

Someone, somewhere has been through what you are going through and with proof from their writing has survived it.


I find by reading stepmother blogs and testimonies from strong women that have survived the process, which is very long and stressful, of blending families has given me a new found strength. I’m not alone, not wrong, my feelings are valid, and my ideas and beliefs are all reasonable. I had begun to feel distressed that I was completely in the wrong on many issues and until I sought help from others in my situation, or as close to it as I could possibly find, did I believe in myself enough to wash the past events away and stop having relapsing issues due to unresolved memories in my head. 

This magazine will take all stories, making them available in one place for anyone to find and hopefully time will make it a large reservoir for inspiration and hope to those who need it.

~Kate Langevin

It's worth your time-


I guess I would have to start by saying there is so much on the internet that it’s very difficult to find anything worth spending my time reading. As you get older young people you’ll know what I’m talking about. Life is short and what you do with your time will mean something to you as you get older so searching out the internet to read the same old gossip and trash is not what how I think God would have me spend my time.


However I found an online magazine that has it all, Mulher Magazine it’s got great music the very first article I came too was about being a single Mom, and since I have a Ministry for Single Moms it caught my eye and grabbed my attention as this mother talked about God creating her path it was touching and real. I could relate to her as I was a single Mom so many years ago. I wish there had been a magazine or someone who would have listen to my plight, but there were few. I continued my journey in this online magazine and found places like speak life/testimony a place where people can talk candidly about what God is doing in their lives real talk for real people, this magazine is written in English and Spanish go figure how great that is for our communities. It has a Kids and More section talking about child rearing, what’s important to our kids today, I also found information on grants, cooking and events that are going on in our city. When you read Mulher Magazine you’ll get it all it encompasses compassion, love, friendship, family, worship and most of all JESUS is found in every section you read.


I recommend this magazine as one that is worthy of your time, looking through the pages in this online Magazine and see if God doesn’t talk to you about your gifts and talents because that is what I got from this magazine am I using all of my gifts and talents for the glory of God. This Magazine makes you stop and think, think about the important things family and friends. I believe you should spend a few minutes getting to know Mulher Magazine it’s worth your time I know it was worth mine. 


Many Blessings to the staff


Minister Roz Brown

Brighter Day Ministry-Founder

Theresa Delarosa



Para mí, ser mujer, significa tener una voz en lo que quieres para ti misma y las cosas que deseas en tu futuro.


Quiero ser parte de este proyecto, porque quiero rodearme de mujeres que me darán fuerza para ser la mejor mujer.

Ana Carrier



Ser parte de Mulher me da la oportunidad de celebrar a la mujer y sus logros; y a la vez, de compartir con otras mujeres ayuda y consejos para nuestra vida diaria. Hay momentos en los que la mujer necesita el respaldo de una amiga, el consejo de una líder, o el amor de una hermana.


Mulher nos da la oportunidad de estar unidas, aunque estemos en diferentes lugares. De darnos la mano y caminar juntas, afrentando con valor los obstáculos que la vida nos ponga.


Gracias, Mulher, por esta oportunidad de servir.


Marina Yoli Marquet 



Hola!   Muchos me conocen como Yoly, Marina, Mari, Yolanda, en fin, respondo a cualquiera de esos nombres. 


En realidad, simplemente soy una esposa, mama, hija, amiga, una mujer con metas que llegan hasta el cielo, temores que no admito tener, sueños grandes para mi familia, anecdotas que hacen reir a cualquiera hasta que le duela la cara.  Soy una mujer deseosa de hacer nuevas amistades al igual que tu; para poder crecer, aprender, llorar y reir juntas.   Es exactamente eso, lo que haremos juntas aqui en Mulher. 


Que gran privilegio es para mi que se me halla invitado a ser parte de este espacio para compartir con mujeres como



Leslie Aguilar



Estudió en la Universidad Metropolitana de Monterrey. Hizo sus materias de opción a título en Terapia Familiar.


Trabajó 7 años en un kinder con niños de entre 6 meses y 3 años de edad.


Actualmente trabaja en otro kinder  en Laredo, México, y comenzará una maestría en Neuropsicología en TAMIU 

Susy Castle



Ser mujer, significa ser fuerte, consciente; consciente de sí mismo y de los demás. Ser mujer, significa cuidar, amar, soñar y dar. Ser mujer significa también aceptar, apreciar y comprender.

Ser mujer significa que eres hermosa, no por tu forma física, o la forma en que te vistes. Ser una mujer bella es en la manera que piensas y te ves a ti misma.


Estoy emocionada de ser parte de Mulher Magazine porque las mujeres de hoy son bombardeadas con los estándares de belleza poco realistas. Quiero ser una voz de razón en medio del caos del mundo.



Karla Amaranta



MULHER para mí representa una oportunidad de compartir, difundir y afirmar lo que creo, vivo y soy, a través de lo que expreso; pero también lo que recibo de y sobre otros.


Creo que cada individuo, cada mujer tiene una vida para influir a quienes están alrededor; y MULHER es un punto de contacto y referencia para compartir preguntas, respuestas, opiniones, sueños, vivencias y convicciones.

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