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Miss Covergirl and Quinceanera foundation joint venture with the National Miss Covergirl, uses its Latino grassroots to reach and empower Latina teenagers to be self-confident and strive to be their very best with education, career, and beauty.

Quinceanera Magazine with a decade of successful brand recognition in USA, and Mexico; is continuely dedicated in promoting upon our first page in each edition to “Stay in School.” We are also very proud and honored to announce our commitment with our American/Latino community through our nonprofit organization Quinceanera Foundation. It supports and encourages Latino teenagers to pursue their dreams with education, integrity, and dedication for a bright future. We conduct hundreds of Miss Cover Girl local pageants empowering Latino teenagers with self-confidence, model training, etiquette, and involvement in community service at many American/Latino cultural events.

Today we are honored to present the first USA National Latino Pageant offering College scholarship prizes.

Quinceanera Foundation is proud to produce our First National Miss Cover Girl pageant for first time; American-Latina Teenagers have the opportunity to compete with young Latinas across the USA for a College Scholarship prize, They gain modeling exposure and have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to serve as our first Quinceanera Foundation Ambassador for one (1) year.

These young Latinas from 14 different regions where Quinceanera Magazine is published, already hold a local title "Miss Cover Girl" (girls on the cover). Many different Latino origins are represented on Quinceanera Magazine covers throughout USA. The Miss Cover Girl pageant is well known in the American/Latino community. American/Latina teenagers are offered training, and get to have exposure in the modeling and entertainment industry with young Latinas that share similar interest and talent. Runway Modeling, to Folk Custom, and Evening gown our beautiful contestants will be interacting four (4) days in Las Vegas competing for prizes, with more than $ 10,000.00 in scholarships for College education.

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